8" Angle top cut trim FDS windows
4" trim remaining windows
10' dormer w/columns accent paint per plan
6" eaves around home 28' wides
10" eaves around home 30' wides
No sidewall eave singlewides
6" front & rear endwall overhang singlewides
LP Smart Panel exterior siding
Black roof vents
15 oz. Carpet installed
3/8" Carpet pad
Vinyl flooring in wet areas & per plan
Tape & texture walls w/rounded corners
Customer interior paint colors per plan
Closets painted drywall & molding
Pantries painted drywall & molding
White textured ceilings (orange peel)
4' wide accent ceiling w/2 can lights dining room
2 ¼“ door trim. 1" flat back of closet doors
Wire closet & pantry shelves
White 2- panel passage doors
White window trim & window sills - no T&T
12" wood box valances w/accent
L/R, F/R, D/R, M/Br, KIT
Entry linoleum
36" Steel in-swing front door no deadbolt
32" Steel in-swing rear door no deadbolt
Vinyl clad thermo pane windows
with Low "E" coating
Residential style mortise door hinges
Floor mount door stops
Mini blinds optional
18 cuft. Whirlpool Black frost free refrigerator
30" Whirlpool Black free standing electric range
7" Double cell stainless steel sink
Dual handle chrome faucet
Bank of drawers w/ 1 small & 2 large
Laminate backsplash
60" 3 pc. ABS tub/shower
Glamour bath standard per plan
Acrylic sink w/ dual handle faucets
Single lever tub/shower diverter
Exhaust fan
36" height lavy cabinet
3- bulb cosmetic light centered
48" x 42" mirror w/2" face frame on sides
Towel bar & tissue holder
Laminate backsplash
60" 3 pc. ABS tub/shower
Plastic sink w/ dual handle faucets
Single lever tub/shower diverter
Exhaust fan 36" height lavy cabinet
24"x42" Mirror 8" 2- bulb ceiling light
Towel bar and tissue holder
Laminate backsplash
Coffee Cherry MDF raised panel cabinet door
Doors w/knob & drawers w/clam shell pull
42" overhead kitchen cabinets
12" shadow box top w/ black bead board kitchen
Crown molding standard kitchen
Range hood canopy w/fan above range
Shelf optional above washer/dryer
Double shelves above refrigerator
Overhead cabinets w/adjustable shelf
Bath cabinets furniture style w/cubby below doors
Metal side mount drawer guides
Wood ply drawer sides
200 Amp. all electric service (gas optional)
Master water shut-off valve
Shut-off valve on toilets
30 gallon electric water heater
Electric furnace
Bedroom ceiling lights
LED can lights standard kitchens
LED can lights in dining room
GFI patio plug near rear door
Black upgrade porch light front door
White porch light back door
Wire & brace ceiling fan living room/family room
1 Year "wall to wall" warranty
30 lb. Roof load
8'-6" flat ceilings
2" x 6" Exterior walls 16" o.c.
19/32" OSB Floor decking
2"x6" - 19.2" o.c. floor joist (2"x8" 30' wides)
2"x8"- 19.2 o.c. floor joist (16' wide only)
3:12 Roof pitch
Class A fire rated fiberglass 30 yr shingles
Removable hitches
Zone III Specifications: R-21 roof, R-21 walls,
R-11 floor